Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Sorry once again...I acquired the Baseball America Prospect Handbook this past week, and have been absorbed in picking out some choice prospects with possible impact this season....leading me to forget my half-finished post and my half-finished projections. Alot more stability will develop in this site in the future weeks, as I have just about finished with alot of useful info for minor league drafts, guys who may make the FA Bin(passed over in the draft), and other useful tips. I cant exactly do an ETA yet, but SOON. LOL. I know I have promised much and not delivered, but all in good time.

Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Sorry for the lateness of this post...had a rough week and weekend, with alot more important things on my mind. Sorry again.

(Ratings are based on a 1-10 scale, 10 being superstar or Best in the league)


Arizona Diamondbacks

PITCHING - Grade: 5
Randy Johnson
Brandon Webb
Elmer Dessens
Shane Reynolds
Steve Sparks/Patterson/Gonzalez/Good

Closer: Mantei
In waiting: Valverde, maybe Oscar Villereal
Alot of questions surround this rotation. Alot of youth waiting to join, and with the talent to do it, but some stubborn veterans are still sticking around. Look for Sparks to lose his job, and probably Dessens as well. Reynolds will hold it until he tires like he did last year for the Braves. So by midseason, the rotation will be Johnson, Webb, Patterson, Gonzalez and Good, or maybe a few other young guns. It will improve the rotation slightly, as rookie pitchers tend to do pretty well in their first real tour of the league, before being scouted well enough. Overall though, this is an average staff, nothing impressive, and its on the offense to perform.

OFFENSE: Grade - 7

1st: Richie Sexson - Contract year, better hitter's park = BIG season
2nd: Roberto Alomar - Look for him to perform decently, before losing his job to Matt Kata.
3rd: Shea Hillenbrand - Hits for average and nothing else. Decent supporter.
SS: Alex Cintron - Solid rookie campaign, possible sophomore slump warning.
LF: Luis Gonzalez - IF he starts the season(still debating it apparently), excellent bat
CF: Steve Finley - Older, but still decent.
RF: Danny Bautista - still has yet to prove he deserves the job.
C: Robby Hammock - Good offense for a catcher, and will take most of the playing time.


I project the D-backs to have a decent season, as they are in the rebuilding phase, and will preview alot of promising rookies, such as Hairston at 2nd, Tracy at 3rd, and several pitchers. They're a growing team with alot of talent and enthusiasm that will make them fun to watch.


Tuesday, February 24, 2004


I apologize for the lack of updates since January..Been pretty busy, and baseball news has been pretty far and few between. Alex Rodriguez was traded to the Yankees and thats about it.

In the coming days I will be posting the beginnings of my fantasy baseball side of the site...which may eventually become the predominant part of the site. I intend to post a short preview on each team, possible closer choices for each team, possible rookies who will make the team, and a projection of their standings for 2004.

Also coming soon will be a list I have composed of the top 50 guys who I think may be sleepers or just plain cheap in fantasy leagues.

THroughout the season I will also provide a commentary for the 2 fantasy leagues I am in, and the moves that were made, and the analysis behind them, combined with WEEKLY possible Add/Drop candidates.

Still working out a few bugs on a few of these things and working the schedule out, but the beginning of the team previews(NL WEST) should be up Friday at the latest.

Monday, January 12, 2004

Well, Current reports point towards The Pads negotiating with the Pirates in a possible deal involving Ramon Hernandez and Jeff Cirillo to the Pirates for Jason Kendall. Its still in the works, but assuming the Pirates agree to take both complete salaries and plus send a little cash on the side, its a GREAT deal for both sides.

The Padres get rid of Cirillo, who is little more than a bench player on their team, and they also get rid of Ramon hernandez, who time and time again has proven to be overrated, and never really has reached the potential everyone says he has. Through this, they get an awesome backstop, albeit an overpaid one, but with some salary help from Pittsburgh, its not too bad. He hits .300, will bat in more than a few runs, and has a little pop.

The improvement over Bennett and Gonzalez is incredible. So a platoon at Catcher of Tom Martin and Jason Kendall looks to be the hot set-up for Opening day, and probably the last major move the Padres will make, going into Spring training.

Its been mentioned alot that Greg Maddux REALLY wants to play in San Diego, but he remains too expensive, and too high of a risk for his age, at that cost. According to reports, his agent, Scott Boras, is still placing his cost in double digits for 3 years. Thats rediculous in today's market, and with his age and health in question. If he comes down to around 8 mill, maybe 2 years, I can see the Padres signing him, as David Wells cant anchor a staff, let alone hold a No. 3 starter spot. But thats a longshot, considering Scott Bora's greed.

So all in all, once this deal is done, expect this to be the team that shows up for spring training, and have every reason to think they'll at least contend for the playoffs.

Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Well, Its official. The Padres have traded for Jeff Cirillo.

Cirillo Deal

It broke down like this:

Padres get: Jeff Cirillo
Brian Sweeney
Money to make up difference of salaries

Mariners get : Kevin Jarvis
Wiki Gonzalez
Dave Hansen
Vince Faison(minor leaguer of no value)

Now, in strictly financial terms, its pretty close to a wash. The Mariners come out close to a million dollars cheaper in the overall scheme. The Padres wind up with an expensive bench guy, and a minor league pitcher who has some potential to make the team as a quality bullpen arm.

Altogether, it was a pretty good deal for the Padres. While Cirillo isnt that great, with his numbers being extremely poor the past 2 seasons, I believe he'll be a valuable veteran presence off the bench, and besides that, a GREAT defensive replacement in late innings. Combine that with the fact that you're rid of "the laziest guy in baseball"(as one Padre columnist put it this week on a seattle news radio station), a pitcher who doesnt even deserve a roster spot, and a minor leaguer who should never have made it out of Single A ball. Sweeney truly looks to be an excellent or at least helpful addition to the bullpen.

So altogether, the Padres got rid of 3 guys that would just take up roster space, and condensed it down to 1 roster spot almost wasted. A good deal, any day.
Welcome to the New home for the best source of information on the web regarding The San Diego Padres. My name is Matt, and I'll be the writer on the site, providing looks into the transactions made by the club, and general baseball news otherwise.

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